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New ways you can make a difference in your community

Today’s seniors were brought up understanding the importance of helping others. And just because you retire doesn’t mean you have to retire from helping your community. There are endless ways to make a difference, whether you want to devote a couple of hours a week or become deeply involved in an organization whose mission resonates with you.

You don’t even have to leave home! Anyone who still has a “day job” and everyone who weathered the pandemic knows how easy it is to make virtual connections these days. Online opportunities to make a difference in your community or globally are meaty and meaningful.

Why get involved?

  •         There's always time

Retirement brings you time and the flexibility to spend it as you like. At Winnwood Retirement Community we make independent (or assisted) living as easy as possible, so you can focus on things you love and want to do.

  •         Improve your health.

Staying active boosts physical, mental, and emotional well-being for seniors, including those who have mobility issues. In fact, seniors who volunteer live longer and have fewer heart, digestive and circulatory problems.   

  •         Meet new people.

You can socialize, make new friends and learn new things from people who are different from you.

  •         Keep doing what you love.

The skills and talents you honed throughout your life are just as sharp once you leave your job, and keeping your hand in by sharing what you know with others is a wonderful way to make a true difference.

  •         Feel good about yourself.

What could be more uplifting than doing something you enjoy, knowing you are benefiting someone else at the same time?

  •         Have fun!

Isn’t that what retirement is supposed to be all about?

What can you do?

  •         Work in an office
  •         Serve food at a homeless shelter
  •         Work at a non-profit thrift store
  •         Teach youngsters to read, or mentor kids who could use a smart, stable adult like you in their lives
  •         Teach business essentials to budding entrepreneurs
  •         Donate your professional expertise (bookkeeping, marketing, etc.) to a non-profit
  •         Grab a hammer or hoe and help Habitat for Humanity build a house
  •         Serve as a docent at a museum
  •         Socialize cats and dogs at an animal shelter
  •         Teach “lost arts” to younger generations before those arts are truly lost (think canning, wood carving, leatherworking, sewing, weaving, spinning . . . . )
  •         Serve on a board of directors
  •         Run for office!
  •         Deliver hot meals and vital social interaction to home-bound seniors with Meals on Wheels

And for every independent senior who has wanderlust in their heart, the ultimate opportunity might be travel volunteerism. See new sights, learn new things, lend a hand and make a difference for people or places all around the world. Rosterfy is just one of several online resources for global travel tourism.

It’s easy to find a meaningful volunteer connection here at home in the Marietta area. Here are some resources to help you:

Making a difference makes retirement better.

Independent senior living means you’re free to go, whenever and wherever you like. Assisted living means you can get the help you need with one or a few daily tasks, to remain as independent as possible. Whatever your level of independence, having a comfortable home where you can remain active and cared for gives you the confidence to go forth and make a difference in your community. To learn more about life at Winnwood Retirement Community, contact us today


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