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The benefits of an independent living lifestyle for active seniors

If you’re an older adult, or love an older adult, chances are you’ve considered the benefits and opportunities associated with independent living. But sometimes it can be easy to pigeonhole “independent living” as an option, when a more accurate description is that independent living is a lifestyle. For active seniors, the benefits of an independent living lifestyle are especially compelling.


Why do active seniors most often choose an independent living lifestyle? 

There are some of the more obvious benefits of an independent living lifestyle for all seniors. For many seniors, those benefits include cost of living, security and peace of mind, and staying social/meeting new people. Of course, there is so much more (you can explore our blog and website to learn more about the myriad of benefits associated with independent living). 

Particularly for active seniors, though, there are some especially powerful benefits of an independent lifestyle. Here are some of our favorites: 


Flexibility to travel without worry

Do you like to travel? When you own a house or live in a traditional apartment, every trip means worrying about who’ll pick up the mail, who’ll stop by to water the plants, or who will watch the house to be sure it’s safe. 

When you enjoy an independent living lifestyle, your friends and neighbors couldn’t be any closer. You don’t have to worry about your home. Just go and enjoy your trips!


Safety and peace of mind

No matter how nice your neighborhood is, it can be a bit stressful to get home late, especially when you live alone. When you join an independent living community, you can rest easy that you’ll have safe, secure entry to your residence at any time. And, for added peace of mind, we have a medical professional on staff at all times in case of an emergency. 


Ample opportunity to learn and do new things

Retirement offers time and opportunity to expand our horizons, keeping our brains and bodies active. An independent living lifestyle offers plenty of opportunities for you to stay active and pursue new interests while engaging your established ones.

Independent living communities like Winnwood Retirement Community typically have full calendars of events and activities. From day-trips to museums and other activities, to a constantly-evolving calendar of lectures, classes, and more – right outside your door – there is always something new to try, along with your favorites.


Many ways to stay physically active

From our gym, with access to machines and weights you need to maintain your physique and health, to yoga and other physical activity classes, there are incredibly fun and varied opportunities to stay physically active and healthy without having to hop in the car and head somewhere else. Everything is on site within your independent living community!

Your favorite activities are right outside your door. We’ve already touched upon physical activity and crafts, hobbies, and more. If you also enjoy activities like golf, leisurely walks, and heading to the movies, you can often participate in ALL of these things (and more) right within your independent living community (at least here at Winnwood Retirement Community, you most definitely can!). 


Live your best, active retirement lifestyle as a resident of Winnwood Retirement Community

Our community has been carefully designed, and is constantly being refined, to offer our residents the most fulfilling activities, amenities, and more. We want you to live your best retirement life, and we are constantly talking to our residents to discover and implement the best ways to support you. Contact our team today to learn more about life at Winnwood

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