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4 activities for seniors with mobility challenges

Research shows that about 40% of seniors are faced with mobility challenges. For today’s seniors; however, mobility challenges do not have to mean a reduced quality of life. Quite the contrary, seniors are living their best life by filling their days, evenings, and weekends with a range of activities that are fulfilling and exciting. 


Mobility challenges won’t prevent seniors from engaging in these activities

These four popular activities are accessible, rewarding, and fun for seniors of all abilities – whether they are facing mobility challenges or not: 


1. Enjoying the outdoors

While this one may seem a bit surprising, there is a range of activities and ways for seniors with mobility challenges to enjoy the great outdoors. An easy way to do this is to simply bring seniors’ favorite activities outside! 

It is almost a guarantee that activities like board games, reading a good book, or catching up with an old friend are more fun (and invigorating) when they are enjoyed outdoors. Adding gardens, sunshine, and fresh air to your favorite activities adds something extra for sure. Here at Winnwood Retirement Community, many of our residents enjoy their favorite activities outside, regardless of any mobility challenges. The weather is too wonderful much of the year to miss out! 


2. Exercise

Physical activity is a great way to keep your body and mind sharp. Although it may seem that exercise is limited or even unavailable to those with mobility issues, it’s actually quite the contrary. There is a range of exercises and physical activities that are either designed for or easily accommodate mobility challenges!

Depending on your level of ability, water aerobics may be a great fit (we have found that some residents, despite mobility issues, are able to partake in our water aerobics classes). Many of our most popular exercise classes here at Winnwood, including strength training and especially yoga, are easily modified for those who may have to stay in a chair or otherwise require some changes. 


3. Embracing the arts

From visiting a local art gallery (we know that here in Historic Marietta, just about all the museums and art galleries accommodate those with mobility challenges), to spending time in a painting or drawing class, reading a book (or writing one!), or even coloring, there are so many ways for seniors to embrace the arts, regardless of any mobility challenges. Research suggests that embracing the arts can improve the health, well-being, and independence of older adults. 

Our activities calendar here at Winnwood Retirement Community includes field trips to galleries and museums, plus plenty of opportunities to pursue an interest in the arts. Of course, you can also partake in one of our fun arts & crafts activities, too, which can include anything from painting to scrapbooking, scanning or organizing old family photos, and even creating your own cookbook! 


4. Enjoying your favorite content

From movie nights in our theater to live musical performances, we know that our residents here at Winnwood love listening to and watching some of their favorite content. Of course, there are so many other ways to enjoy your favorites. From binge-watching your favorite shows in your home to streaming your favorite Spotify playlists, putting on an old record, or inviting over a friend or loved one to watch a movie in your living room, there are so many ways to enjoy old and new favorites alike. 


Mobility challenges won’t get in the way of seniors living their best retirement life

Regardless of any mobility challenges or physical abilities, there is so much to embrace and engage with when you are a Winnwood Retirement Community resident. We offer a resort-style retirement lifestyle that helps you truly live your best life. Contact us today to learn more

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