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3 decluttering tips for a senior apartment

We are in the midst of a national drive toward decluttering. In fact, if you visit Google and type in “decluttering,” you’ll find over 23 million results! Now more than ever, we realize that living in a home surrounded by “stuff” can be stressful. And for seniors who have accumulated a lifetime of belongings, clutter can be a real problem.  Whether it’s for annual spring cleaning, or in preparation for a move into a senior living community, strong decluttering advice for senior apartments can be a lifesaver!  


Decluttering a senior apartment doesn’t have to be stressful

In fact, decluttering can be a fun, and even financially rewarding, way to clear out the old and make room (both literal and figurative) for the next stage of living. Removing unnecessary items and clutter can be a very freeing way to reduce stress and give the confidence to get out and try new things. After all, owning more “stuff” means more items to care for, clean, repair, organize….the list goes on and on. 

Keep these three decluttering tips for a senior apartment in mind to make the most out of it and clear the clutter and make room for more living:


1. Schedule ahead of time

We all have the best of intentions, but unless we actually schedule time to make it happen, decluttering can often fall by the wayside. And for seniors in particular, making the move into senior living means a LOT of packing and details. Getting rid of stuff now can save you a lot more time and hassle down the line! 

Pick a date and get it on the calendar now. Give yourself enough time to prepare, and also to invite any friends or relatives who may be helping you (TIP: Be sure to have the number of a good pizzeria handy to thank anyone who helps you!). Decluttering can be pretty exhausting, so try to keep sessions to around 3 to 4 hours at a time, maximum. 


2. Identify what can easily go first

If you’re not sure what to keep and what to “declutter” in your senior apartment, consider using this rule of thumb: Put anything into a “donate, sell, or trash” pile that fits the following criteria:

  • I haven’t used this item in the last 6 months and I can’t say for certain that I won’t use it in the next 6 months, and
  • this item can easily be replaced for less than $20 or a quick drive.

This is one of the quickest ways to start eliminating clutter, and it can be used for tools, junk drawers, clothing, books…just about anything in your senior apartment. 


3. Know where to sell items that have value

A friend or family member may be able to help you with this if you don’t have any experience, but Facebook Marketplace, Local Buy/Sell Facebook Groups in your town or city, and Craigslist are all good places to start for listing items for sale. 

Be sure to follow safety protocols when meeting anyone to pick up an item:

  • Try to meet in a public place that is well lit and has lots of people around, rather than at your home
  • Always have someone with you if a stranger is coming to your home (this will typically be necessary for larger items, like furniture)
  • If you are moving into a senior living community, DO NOT MENTION THAT YOU ARE MOVING or any personal details about yourself, your home, your family, or your move
  • Ask a friend or family member to move larger items outside so that a buyer does not have to come into your home


Are you ready for your next exhilarating adventure? 

Winnwood Retirement Community offers a range of senior living options that empower you to live your best, resort-style retirement life. We offer extensive amenities and activities to enrich your life and provide you with the opportunities and tools to stay happy and healthy for many years to come. To learn more about our senior living options, contact us today

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