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Social Distancing Activities for Seniors

The global crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus has been lifechanging, altering virtually all our daily lives. Our senior population has been hit especially hard during these times, making it critical that they remain home and isolated as much as possible.

Here at Winnwood, seniors are at the heart of everything we do. We have extensive measures in place to protect our residents, and like many, they are unable to see their family members. To help our seniors cope with these new social distancing recommendations, we have compiled a list of fun activities seniors can do at home to stay active. There are even several designed to help them connect with family members!

  • Do a crossword or word find puzzle! Puzzles can be an engaging way to stimulate the mind and relieve boredom. Our Activities Department is happy to print some for you.
  • Reach out and touch someone, via the phone, of course. Call and check on old friends and family members you haven’t talked to in a while, especially if they are also in isolation alone.
  • Get crafty! Make something fun, paint an inspirational message to display in your apartment window to cheer others up, or dig out those glue guns. Our craft room is full of supplies. Let us know what you need.
  • Go on a Springtime scavenger hunt! Take a stroll around the grounds and look for the sights of spring!
  • Get ready for your closeup! Use your phone to create a video to share with your family and friends. Just ask and we will gladly help you!
  • Get cultured! Visit a virtual museum: and be inspired by the great works of art.
  • Learn something new! Ted Talks is a website full of great information, speeches, and ideas. Afterwards, video your own!
  • Write your life story. What is an important lesson you’ve learned throughout your life? What was life like when you were a child? How did you meet your spouse? Your grandchildren will treasure this for years.
  • Go on Facebook (or have our staff help!) and post a picture every day of something in your home that has a special meaning. Tell us why!
  • Organize your photos. Go through old photos and write the names of everyone on the back. Share your favorites on social media!
  • Help healthcare workers. Sew face masks for hospitals and healthcare workers. Our staff can show you how and get you supplies.
  • Learn a new hobby. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Now’s the time. Our Activities Department would love to help you get the resources you need.
  • Be thankful! Write letters of encouragement to your local hospital or favorite healthcare staff and thank them for all they are doing!
  • Turn your thumb green. Spring is the perfect time to start growing! Pick your favorite flowers and vegetables to plant and watch grow.

Though these times are uncertain, staying active and engaged will help us take our eyes off of the news and do something fun! We love our seniors and are so proud of our residents, staff and family members for all they have done! We couldn’t do it without you!

Do you have other suggestions to help our seniors? We’d love to hear them! Contact our Activities Department at

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