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Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

We all know that exercise is great at any age, and provides us with countless benefits to our health and overall
well-being. This is especially true for our seniors, when it may be more
difficult to get around as we age. A recent study suggests that physical
fitness may be the biggest indicator of overall lifespan for seniors. The study
was led by Dr. Seamus Whelton, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins
School of Medicine. It uncovered that physical fitness is the biggest indicator
of lifespan over any other risk factor, including issues with blood pressure,
cholesterol, diabetes, and smoking.

So what can we do to stay
physically fit as we age? We know this can pose a particular challenge at
times, but finding ways to maintain an active lifestyle doesn’t have to be
hard! Here are some great ways to maintain physical fitness in retirement.

  1. Walking. The more we move, in general, the better off we are. Larry
    Meigs, author of 8 Science-Backed Health
    Benefits to Walking for Seniors
    states that walking is great for seniors
    because “it can be performed at low or moderate intensity, it’s easy on joints,
    it has a low risk of injury, and it’s easy to get started with.”
  2. Take a fitness class. Many
    of these classes are designed for seniors, so the programs are tailored to
    those with certain mobility limitations. Whether the class is yoga, a
    low-intensity cardio, or weight training, these programs are designed with
    seniors in mind, and can provide many other benefits than just physical
  3. Swimming is easy on joints and can reduce arthritis pain. This is a great alternative for those that live with chronic
    pain and disabilities that make it difficult to participate in other forms of
    physical fitness. It’s also a lot of fun, too!

We know the importance of
physical fitness for overall happiness and health. That’s why we incorporate
physical fitness programs in both our independent and assisted living residences.
Give us a call to schedule a tour to see all that we have to offer!

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