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Age Comfortably in an Independent or Assisted Living Community

The huge smile and sense of relaxation that comes across the faces of new residents here at Winnwood Retirement Community is powerful. The ability to age comfortably in an independent or assisted living community is often a very important goal for older adults. Knowing where you’re going to be, and that you made the right decision, has a huge impact on our mental health. 


What does it mean to age comfortably in an independent or assisted living community? 

Although retirement plans and goals are different for everyone, there are several consistencies that arise when talking to residents and prospective residents before they make the decision to reside at Winnwood Retirement Community. Some of the most common goals our residents have when they choose to reside here include: 

Enjoy resort-style living, every day of the year!

Who doesn’t want to live like they’re on vacation? At Winnwood Retirement Community, and many exceptional independent or assisted living communities across the country, amenities, activities, and actual living spaces have been meticulously designed to provide comfort and luxury at every step. 

From our concierge, who can provide recommendations, handle requests, schedule transportation, and more, to our elegant dining rooms (and a varied menu packed with new cuisines to try as well as standbys and favorites) and lounges with pianos and fireplaces, life at Winnwood oftentimes will feel like you’re on vacation. 

Continue growing, learning, and trying new things.

In addition to the opportunity to try new cuisines and dishes in our elegant dining room, we offer a range of amenities and activities that satisfy your sense of curiosity, while encouraging you to learn, grow, and try new things. Of course, we also nurture the hobbies and passions you’re bringing with you when you arrive! 

Our beautifully-manicured walking paths allow you to get limber and stay active while enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. Our well-stocked libraries can transport you to another time, place, or even galaxy! Want to take a stroke off your putting? Our professionally-designed putting green will give you plenty of practice. Billiard tables. An actual movie theater. There is so much that comes with life at Winnwood, you can age comfortably as active or relaxed as you’d like – we are here to support you in whatever “comfortable” means to you! 

Our activities can help you develop a new hobby, indulge a time-tested one, and just plain have fun with friends new and old. Our activity directors bring incredible activities to our community while also planning fun and exciting excursions that help you take advantage of all that life in and near Marietta has to offer. 

Every independent or assisted living community is different, so in addition to listing out the amenities and activities that are important or of interest to you, be sure to ask questions and take a tour to really get a feeling for what a particular community has to offer.

Know there is a continuum of care in place. 

A great deal of our residents stay with us for many years. That’s because our range of care includes both independent living and a range of assisted living options. As your needs change, we’re here to evolve with you. Rather than having to worry about moving every few years, you can relax and know that the neighbors and friends you make while a resident at Winnwood will remain your neighbors and friends, potentially for many years to come. 

Feel at ease with peace of mind. 

It’s understandable that many older adults may worry in case of an accident or medical emergency. We are proud to provide our residents (and their families) with peace of mind in knowing that we have 24-hour care staff and emergency response. If you ever need help, Winnwood will be here to help. 


We are proud to help you age comfortably and live your best years at Winnwood Retirement Community!

As we mentioned earlier, the best way to experience life at a prospective independent or assisted living community is to ask questions and especially, to take a tour. Our team is here to answer all of your questions, and we’d love to meet you while showing you around our luxurious community. To schedule your tour, or to ask our team any questions, contact us today.

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