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Activities to Help Seniors Deal with Stress

Stress affects every system in our body, from gastrointestinal to cardiovascular, respiratory to endocrine. When we’re younger, our bodies possess a strong ability to bounce back from the physical effects of stress. But as we get older, our bodies aren’t quite as able to rebound from acute or chronic stress. That’s why finding activities to help seniors deal with stress is so important. 


These activities can help seniors better manage stress

The long-term impacts of stress on senior health can lead to or exacerbate chronic cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. To help seniors stay healthy and minimize the negative impact of stress on your health, try some of these activities (be sure to talk to a doctor before starting any new physical activities!): 



Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, manage pain, ease depression, and more. In fact, research has shown it can even help lower your blood pressure! Regardless of your physical ability, meditation is accessible to everyone. In fact, you can get started for free with a smartphone. Two of the most popular apps, Headspace and Calm, offer free meditations to help you get started.


Yoga or stretching

Similar to meditation, yoga helps you relax and relieve the symptoms of stress while easing tense muscles through stretches and breathing. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting a new program, but simple yoga poses for seniors can help alleviate stress while also helping to ease sore muscles. 


Go out for a walk

Research suggests that getting out in nature -- even just a walk around the block to admire the trees and sunshine (or clouds!) -- can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, though, walking anywhere has been shown to reduce stress, boost your mood, and add a host of other benefits for your physical and mental health. 


Visit friends or family

Talking about your problems can help alleviate stress and the health problems that can accompany that stress. For some seniors, that may mean talking to a therapist or other professional. But oftentimes, simply venting or talking about your problems with a friend or family member can help ease some of the stress that’s weighing on your mind. Whether a virtual or in-person visit. Spending time talking to friends or family members can do wonders for your spirit, in addition to helping ease stress. 


Cook a healthy meal

If you don’t enjoy cooking, this can be edited to say “order a healthy meal!” But for many people, the act of preparing and cooking a meal is very relaxing. Plus, when you focus on cooking a healthy meal, you get all the health and wellness benefits that accompany healthy eating. Stress can often cause seniors and others to overeat (or undereat), which can put even more of a burden on your health and wellness. Try a balanced meal with some dark, leafy greens like spinach or kale, some omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and B vitamins to start


Binge your favorite TV show

Believe it or not, bingeing on our favorite TV shows has actually been shown to help with stress management! Whether it’s rediscovering an old favorite or finally checking out one of those shows your friends and family have been telling you about, spending a few hours snacking on healthy popcorn or nuts and watching a fun television show can provide a needed escape from stressors. 


Reduce stress and enhance your quality of life

Here at Winnwood Retirement Community, we provide our residents with a resort lifestyle that offers the activities and amenities needed to live a full life -- without the stress or hassles associated with homeownership. We have a range of lifestyles and options available for seniors in Marietta. To learn more, contact our team today

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