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5 Critical Factors to Consider When Touring Assisted Living

When you’re touring an assisted living community there are a lot of things you can look for other than just what they present. Assisted living communities offer a wide variety of services, amenities, and activities, but ensuring that this community is right for you takes careful thought and consideration. Choosing to live in an assisted living community is a big decision, and taking the time to carefully consider what this community can offer will be well worth it.

We understand these challenges and concerns. That’s why we have put together a helpful checklist of a variety of factors to look at or consider when touring an assisted living community. While there are certain aspects that you may want to look for, we suggest several factors to ensure that the community you are considering fits well for you or your loved one.

Location, Location, Location!

It is important to consider all aspects of the location of the assisted living community. Is the community in a good location? Is it accessible? Is the community close to your friends, doctors, and family? Have you considered not just the community’s location in relation to your home, but to your work? What about the location of the apartment within the community?

We've put together a list of over forty questions to help you find the assisted living community perfect for you.


It's about Community

The assisted living community itself should offer an abundance of amenities and activities that are catered to the needs and tastes of the residents that call it home. Do they offer a wide variety of amenities? Will your family and friends be able to visit you whenever they want? Is the community secure? Are there common areas to gather when large groups want to visit?

Apartments Tailored to your Needs

As we mentioned, the location of the apartment within the community is just as important as the location of the community itself. Taking the time to look at the details of the available apartment will ensure that you or your loved one will be happy calling it home. Is the size available suitable? Can you move if a different apartment becomes available? If you have a pet that will be coming with you, make sure your pet falls within the guidelines of the community and its policy on having pets.

To Care is to Love

In an assisted living community, the type and level of care that is given is likely to be paramount on your list of reasons for considering an assisted living community. What kind of care does the community offer? Is it accessible? What happens if you need more care in the future? Do care givers come to you?

Staff: Treating You Like Family

Just as important as the care givers is the rest of the staff working within the assisted living community. Does the staff seem happy? Do they go above and beyond to assist and answer any questions you may have? The staffs’ demeanor and attitudes can say a lot about how much they enjoy working in the assisted living community.

Moving into an Assisted Living community is an important decision. Ask questions, be informed and if you don't get the answers you need, follow up until you get the answers you need. You and your loved ones deserve the best. Good luck!

If you would like to download the full checklist with over 40 questions of things to look for on an AL tour, download the checklist here.

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