Winnwood Residents Stay Active

A friend of mine was talking with a lady at a ball game recently. The lady mentioned that she worked for a retirement community, and when my friend said that she knew someone who worked at Winnwood, the lady remarked, “Oh, they’re big time. They have an activities director!”

I’m sorry to say that she was incorrect. We actually have a THREE person Activities Team. Why the emphasis on activities? Because our residents enjoy them!

A recent US News article put it this way:

The retirement lifestyle boomers hope to enjoy will be far different from that depicted in advertisements of old folks playing a slow round of golf or peacefully staring out at the sunset over the water. Many retirees-to-be now look forward to spending the next 20 or more years actively engaged in living.

Our residents are a prime example of retirees “actively engaged in living.” The Activities Team prepare a full calendar of events each month, some at our community, some around town. Recently we’ve had a 50’s style sock hop, toured the High Museum of Art, enjoyed a fashion show, eaten at The Varsity, and even been entertained by harem dancers!


Our activities calendar is posted each month. If you know a senior that would like to “engage with living” to a higher degree, take a look at it and come on by!