Whistle Blower

When I think of fond memories from being a child, festivals always come to mind. The Mossy Creek Barnyard Festival in Perry, Georgia was one of my favorites. People making soap, grinding cane, and blacksmiths pounding iron – I would see all those great items being made then go home and try to replicate them to some degree. Maybe I am an old soul? The attempt usually just got me a trip to the local emergency room. My parents were always so proud of my creative abilities. LOL.

Next to “festival” in the dictionary has to be fun, fun, fun! People of all ages associate festivals as a social event. Maybe if we had one big festival the world would be a better place? Wait, didn’t the Romans try that? Ok, never mind!  Every year when Dad and I go to the Bahamas, there is a mini festival that goes on every Friday night in the Village on Paradise Island. If you have seen it, you know exactly what I am talking about. The islanders dress up in an array of head dresses, blow whistles and beat drums. It is a spectacular event showing off Bahamian traditions. Everyone is choreographed to perfection. It is quite the site of a modern day festival.

Festivals transcend time and cultures. They are a way for people to celebrate traditions and express themselves. A gentleman at Winnwood was telling me about how his dad would take the neighborhood kids on a hay ride every Halloween. “I said with the tractor?” Silly me. He said, “It was with the mules.” That sounds like a lot of fun. I went on a hay ride in a dump truck one time. I guess things have changed a little. In the words of Foghorn Leghorn, I say, I say, let’s keep festivalling. The best thing about festivals is there is always something for all ages to look at and be entertained by.

Have a great week!