We Should Have Listened!

I was at a local picture frame shop over the weekend and viewed many prints of downtown Marietta from around 100 years ago. Actually, the Square was thriving just like it is today. Obviously, location has and will always be important to people.

Ok, now I know you knew that location was important, but stay with me here friends. I was reading an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle this morning that said people, now more than ever, want to be close to everything. Wow!! Really?? When I asked several Winnwood residents, they said that has always been the case and that’s one of the main reasons they chose Winnwood. Winnwood is within walking distance to the Square and fine restaurants. It is just a few minutes drive to Kennestone Hospital and grocery stores. If it is location you want in a retirement community, then it is location we got.

You know how people say things always come back in style? Well in-town living never really left us, but the major media markers say it’s back in style. And if the media says it, then it has to correct. Right? You decide. Yes and pigs can fly in an airplane. Love those commercials!

Have a Blessed Week.