Volunteering Is Its Own Reward

We have some of the best volunteers in the world…dedicated, reliable and adore our residents! We are ALWAYS looking for these types of people to be a part of our volunteer program here at Winnwood.  We have volunteers that range anywhere from teenagers on up, who come on a weekly basis to spend time with our residents and invest in their lives.  They do anything from pet therapy, word games, crafts, coffee and news, to calling bingo.  The most unique member of our volunteer program is our handsome and furry friend, Ricky Ricardo, the Labradoodle.  Our residents always look forward to having him visit once a month to do a few clever tricks and love on them.  If you are interested or know anyone who would be interested in getting involved, feel free to contact Laura Haigler, Activities Directors at 770-428-6200 laura@winnwoodretire.com.