Trick or Truth? Part One

With Halloween approaching we all are reminded of pumpkins,  costumes and spooky ghost stories a scout master told around a camp fire one late night back in 1984 (alright that never happened).  Okay folks, back to being serious.  I am not particularly fond of people that try to ruin the Halloween joy.  It’s about little kids dressing up having fun and getting a belly ache from too much candy.  These kids are not little hooligans running down Maxwell Avenue; I assure you.  What would be Halloween without the mention of ghosts?  If you read my column last week, you will remember it was about the Winn-Teem house on the property of Winnwood Retirement Community.  While working at Winnwood over the past 14 years, I have heard many stories of entertaining occurences reported in the house.  There is one story I would like the share with Marietta.  So sit back, get your fire pit going and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa.

The Civil War was over and Colonel  William T. Winn returned home to Marietta to be with his family. He quickly got work being a railroad conductor as the reconstruction of the South began.  The entire Winn family began working on rebuilding and adding to their home that was burned down by Sherman’s army.  The house was completed circa 1873, where the Winn’s had built themselves a wonderful home where they could enjoy the rest of their lives in peace.  Or so they thought…tune in next week for Part Two.