Trick or Truth Part Five

As we turn to the final stretch for Halloween I think about the true wisdom that our good Georgia boy legend , Lewis Grizzard,  would have said. “DAWGS it is time to get down on one knee and bark at those gators”.  Lewis we are going need a little magic from you this year.

I would like to mention another DAWG fan and coworker Leigh Hough.  Leigh has worked with me for several years at Winnwood and done an angelic job.  As seasons change, so does life.  Leigh is moving on to pursue other interests.  Winnwood will keep providing excellent care to seniors but there will be a hole that will be hard to fill by her absence.  Thank you Leigh for your dedication and hard work! Winnwood loves you and will miss you.

Catherine, in deep distraught about the strange disapperance  of her husband,  William, went into a deep seclusion in their house.  Friends and town folk searched vigorously, but never found any remains of William or his crew.  Amazingly, Catherine did come out of the house once a day getting herself dressed to the nines and looking very pretty.  She would spend all day cooking and  on the dot at 7 o’clock she would pack up a full meal  (food William always enjoyed) to grab her lantern and head through the woods to the train tracks. Catherine was hoping her husband would meet her their like so many times prior.  She seemingly became obsessed with the idea that William would eventually meet her.  Town folk began to think she had gone mad because she continued her behavior every night.  It was only until extreme old age and she could barely walk that her pattern stopped.  Tune in on Halloween for the conclusion……