Trick or Treat? Part Four

While at the BP station on Whitlock Avenue, my buddy Ed said he wanted to hear more of the Winn’s story line in my column. Ok Ed, here you go. I usually wait and share toward the end, but with Halloween fast approaching I wanted to get right to the nitty-gritty. Grab your coffee or drink and here goes.

Picking up from last week, Catherine Winn had sent a telegram to her husband (Williams) work at the train station because he had failed to return home after his midnight shift as a conductor. With no return telegram, a frustrated Catherine started her journey through the woods to the train company where her husband William had worked since the end of the Civil War. (Ok people, you ready for this one?) Legend has it that the superintendent in charge of the night shift greeted Catherine personally when she arrived. A big man, usually confident and funny, he had a certain unsteadiness to his voice. He explained to Catherine that at approximately three a.m. her husband’s train had come rolling to a stop on the fog covered track. Another conductor coming from the opposite direction had witnessed Mr. Winn’s train looking forebodingly abandoned! Upon further examination, the superintendent explained to Mrs. Winn (who was crying in disbelief), not a soul was found on board the train. “So where is Will then?” she asked. “There must be some explanation! Did he get off the train at a prior depot?” The superintendent wired all surrounding train depots looking for Mr. Winn. No one reported any signs of him or his crew. Mr. Winn’s search continued for weeks but no sight or sound of him was reported. As you can imagine when someone disappears, the not knowing is the worst part! There is no finality! Catherine went from town to town asking if anyone had seen or heard of her husband but to no avail. Tune in next week to see what happens to Catherine ………………..