Top is Bottom and Bottom is Top

What I am about to say in this powerful article is a true story as reported in the MDJ last week. Harrison Odjegba Okene from Nigeria sat on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, after the tug boat he was on sank 72 hours earlier. At that point, he was the only person left alive. Authorities presumed all persons were deceased. A body recovery mission began. Ok!! Stop for a second and picture yourself in this situation. I tried to and quickly became very uncomfortable.

Do you know what Mr. Okene did on that sunken vessel as he sat in a small air pocket? He believed! He remembered his wife! He felt and prayed for “The Lord to sustain his life.” He recited the last Psalm his wife texted him. Mr. Okene “Believed” that he would be taken care of in this life, on this day!

Just as Harrison Okene was finishing his one and only food item, a Coca-Cola (now that is awesome!!), an arm went by and he grabbed it. The rescue diver was startled because nobody believed there were any survivors. Mr. Okene’s prayers were answered.

This lone humble Nigerian man was rescued that day, but friends, I say he was “Saved” long before that life challenge! The human goodness in me believes there is more for Harrison Okene to do on this Earth. He could speak to large groups about almost dying, write books as fast as Bill O’Reilly, or humbly continue his journey. Can you imagine the look on his wife’s face when she finally laid eyes on him? I’ll leave it to your imagination. It makes us all smile just a little more knowing how it ended.

Friends, all this cold and lonely man did was “Believe”! A very powerful word I must say. So I can definitively say yes, Mr. Harrison Odegba Okene was at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on that deep, dark, and scary sinking vessel.

Striking powerfully to me is his personal experience. It became an apparent testimony to his steadfast belief system in which he holds deep in his soul.  Whatever you believe, strive to feel his strength! Against all odds he survived. Now how would you like to have a conversation with him, maybe a Coke? :). Wow! I challenge you during this holiday season, to think about what you believe in. There are no wrong answers here. This story gives new meaning to, “Have a Coke and a smile.” Hmmm…are you thinking what I am thinking?

Have a very Merry Christmas.