Throw the Turkey!

Turkey is as synonymous to Thanksgiving Day as a baseball is to Mickey Mantle.  I hope all people are fortunate enough to gather around a hot meal and share some fellowship.  Thanksgiving reminds me of granddad’s lake house, candied yams topped with warm marshmallows (plus a little brown sugar) and the giblet gravy for the dressing. It was so good it would make you dream of sweet lullaby’s. I just love Thanksgiving!

Presently, I know from listening to many residents at Winnwood, that there will probably be a lot of chatter this Thanksgiving about the Atlanta Braves. And unless you have been living on the moon for the last couple of weeks, then you know the Atlanta Braves will probably be building their new stadium here. I personally think it’s fantastic!  Hmmm, by happenstance the citizens of Marietta just passed a special tax to raise 68 million to redevelop the Franklin Road corridor. The City better make sure they get all the purchasing contracts for the apartment complexes on Franklin Road signed, because they just became a whole lot more valuable. Of course, that is if I understand this whole thing correctly, some things are just meant to be. Think of the possibilities at exits off the interstates. Where’s my check book? Ben Walker, I need a loan!

I have already been chatting with several residents about being able to take Winnwood’s 36 passenger bus to more Braves games. The residents are excited about the potential. Proximity from Winnwood to the new proposed Braves site is good but not too close. I would say about 10 miles. Plus, I am sure the field will be used for other types of entertainment as well! It is a win-win situation for the Braves, their fans and in my opinion, Winnwood residents. Yes the negatives could be pointed out by anyone, but all I really want to know is if they will serve leftover turkey sandwiches. (Those are the best!) I am a big fan of what is supposed to happen will happen. So let’s wait and see.

A final thought, my good friend Don Web was the biggest fan of the Braves that I have ever met!!! He was a personal friend to coach Bobby Cox and many of the decades of ball players. Don moved on to the next life last year.  Oh friend, how I wish you could have seen the Atlanta Braves (your true love) come to Cobb. Something eases my nerves and tells me Don had a part in it and already knows the outcome.  Our friend, father and coworker is smiling down from heaven.

Oh and Don, tell Coach Russell that Georgia Southern beat the Gators in the Swamp!!

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Let every day be your Thanksgiving!