The Truth Behind Wisdom!

One of mans’ biggest, historical challenges has been the quest of wisdom; and not just to find wisdom, but to understand it.  I believe I gain a great deal of wisdom every day from Winnwood.  The residents tell amazing stories of real life events. Every day I learn something new. The residents have acquired wisdom that only a life time of living could have given. Now they pass the wisdom on to the next several generations. I feel very fortunate to have this unique vantage point every day.  Their type of wisdom is not found in books or the internet, it comes from living!

Wisdom, in my opinion, is not even about such things as truth, facts, right or wrong. It is deeper! Great minds of the past, Einstein, Socrates, Galileo (all smart people) could never find that one missing component in their lives. I believe they had it, but did not even realize it.  Whether you think of Moses, Abraham and Methuselah all from the Bible, there is great wisdom that comes from living a long life. In history, literature and even TV there has always been something to be said for the older, wiser man or woman living high up in the mountains that always has the answer to a mysterious question nobody else could figure out. And yes, I said it is experience that brings wisdom to us thru living! To put it today’s terms, my good friend, JD Tyre, would probably use Master Yoda from the Star Wars movies as a good example of someone with outstanding wisdom. Yoda was nearly 900 years old and Luke Skywalker came to see him to gain wisdom about the Force. Luke went on to be one of the most powerful people in the Star Wars series.  I am 41 years of age and just now starting to understand what wisdom truly is!

If more men, women and children had grandparents or senior mentors to share stories of wisdom from, I think the world would be a better place. Prior life decisions of the wise elder can be passed down to others thru oral traditions of wisdom. Listening and actually hearing the stories is the key. I have to say working in the retirement industry is like a lesson in wisdom every day. Try to gain as much wisdom as you can so you one day can pass it down.  If you are looking for a place to acquirer some wisdom, come visit us a Winnwood. I have over 200 resident experts that would love to speak with you!

Have a great week.