The Mark Richt Effect

By: John P. Rauls, Columnist


The annual Georgia/Florida football game was played on Saturday afternoon in Florida. The game is an annual tradition that officials claim is played in Jacksonville as a neutral location. Hey, guys upstairs! It’s still Fla!! (An article for another time perhaps?). As many of you know, the Florida Gators won the game fairly easily this year. The Georgia fans I have spoken with have various opinions about why UGA lost and how to fix the situation. As a diehard DAWG fan my entire life, I have to remind myself to temper my thoughts and comments with wisdom.

I would say I have the feeling of walking a tight rope in my stomach right now about the DAWGS Saturday loss! Let’s just say I have heard some very strong comments about UGA’s head coach! Mark Richt is in his 15th year as lead DAWG. I tell you as impartial as I am trying to be, it is hard to dislike Mark Richt, the man. His wife, Catherine, and him are devoted Christians and have adopted many children.  I don’t know anyone that does as much charity as Coach Richt. Where DAWG fans get rubbed raw is with Richt and his staff losing many big televised games like the one against Florida this past Saturday.

Sticking to my guns, I am going to be consistent with my life’s philosophy when giving my opinion about Mark Richt the football coach. I have the same plaque and quote on my desk that Ronald Regan made famous…”There is No Limit To What A Man Can Do, Or Where He Can Go If He Doesn’t Mind Who Gets Credit.”

No one could have predicted our Heisman hopeful, running-back Nick Chub, would have a season ending knee injury. Furthermore, the quarterback play has me shaking my head like many of you. I do ask myself about how former offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Mike Bobo’s departure from UGA to be the head coach at Colorado State has affected the DAWGS play this year? Mike Bobo is 3-5so far as Colorado States head coach. Bobo’s offense dominated Savannah State by a smashing victory of 65-13.

DAWG fans should be encouraged that the quarterback coming in 2016, Jacob Eason, is another gun slinger like Mathew Stafford! He is the number one QB recruit in the Nation! I saw where he threw a 63 yard pass in one of his high school games. I can tell you emphatically that he would not be coming to UGA if it wasn’t for Mark Richt’s effect on recruiting him to Athens! Is the “Mark Richt effect” as I call it been positive or negative ultimately for the DAWGS over the past 15 seasons? You decide! Think about it and yes, I know how you feel….God Bless!