That’s Not Gonna Work Dad!

As a kid, Dad was good at exposing me to all types of shenanigans. One day while we were at the hardware store I asked him, “What are those funny looking spears next to the shovels?” Dad said, “Frog giggers!”  WHAT?  They looked like something far more advanced than anything I had ever played with and a lot more dangerous. Dad told me a good Rauls story about my grandfather frog gigging as a kid that was so entertaining, I wanted to try it!

Everything tastes like chicken!! LOL. Wow, never heard that before! I wonder if a cow is really a big chicken? Never mind! Focus John, focus! Ok, so Dad explained that bullfrog legs were very big and tasted yummy. I was always ready for a new adventure so I was in! We bought a couple of frog giggers and headed to the pond at 41 Farm. After several embarrassing attempts and big splashes, we headed home empty handed. If my memory serves me right we lost at least one of the giggers to the depths of the pond. Never being a quitter, I was not done with this project yet!

One day, when Dad was bottom plowing a field at the farm, I was playing down by the pond and happened to notice a bullfrog on the water’s edge. It was a big one, too. Definitely not a chicken!! LOL. Dad would be so proud of me if I got one by myself, I thought.  I looked around Dad’s cherry-red Ford F-250 for something to use for my attack. Well, the only thing I came up with was Dad’s Remington 22 rifle. I know what you are thinking, and yes!! Dad used the rifle for the coyotes that chased the cattle. In my mind, it was a far better method to attempt to get a bullfrog than some primitive stick. I pulled it out from behind the seat and crept down to the pond. When I got down to the water’s edge I heard the same noise I had heard before a big splash! So I pulled the rifle up to my cheek and blasted 20 rounds right into the pond. Oh boy! By then, Dad was running down the hill saying a few choice words. I tried to plead my case, but to no avail.  He gave me a good lecture about gun safety and bullets ricocheting off the pond and hitting a cow or person. He was right!

The frog gigging or shooting was a heck of an experience. The only time I have experienced frog legs since then has been on a buffet. I encourage you to try them, and yes, they do taste a lot like chicken. LOL. Bottom line, always try to experience new things. I wonder if the residents of Winnwood would like frog legs? Maybe I will have to take a resident survey before I try that one at dinner!

Have a great week and thank you Mrs. Lisa Tyre for writing a great column last week.