Thanks Mom!

Working at Winnwood Retirement Community allows me wonderful opportunities to be nurtured by many moms and grandmas. These wonderful “Winnwood Women” keep me in line and have taught me about life’s trials and tribulations. However, there is one special lady that has inspired me the most to be the man I am today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!

Growing up my mother took amazing care of me, always encouraged me and loved me unconditionally, from when I almost died (from some strange stomach problem I still can’t pronounce) at 6 weeks old to when I finally graduated from Mercer University.  She has the common sense of a wise Sherpa on top of Mt Everest! When you look up “witty” in the dictionary, there is her picture. Humor could be her middle name because she loves life and to laugh, and I promise she could whip most of you with her steadfast golf game. Every activity she has ever tried, she has mastered! “My mother is the most interesting woman in the world!!”

Mom grew up in a suburb of Maryland but she moved to Georgia with dad after he returned from the Vietnam War.  She still lives in the same house I was raised in, located right smack dab in the middle of a peach orchard that no longer exists in Byron, Ga. Mom takes care of five acres and five cats. Both give her plenty of challenges and exercise. Blessed with the energy of a cheetah she is always on the go. Trust me, if you have the privilege to meet her, you will not forget her crisp personality.

Mom, thank you for being my number one lady! I am proud to call you my angel! Thank you for being you. I hope your special day is filled with much joy and kindness (probably with her friends on the golf course). P.S. You were right. I do love cats like you said I would one day. In closing, stay awesome and remember  -You have at least another 25 years of golf to go! I know you will do it to with fewer balls than I would!! I love you. Your son, “Bubba Moose”. John