Thank You, Coach Mark Richt!


On Sunday, the University of Georgia and head football coach Mark Richt decided to cease their 15 year relationship. As I got out of my truck at Winnwood on Monday morning, I could almost feel the anticipated chatter reverberating to the parking lot about Richt stepping down. (Hmmm) While getting my morning coffee those intuitive reverberations we’re validated. I overheard a lifelong Alabama fan say,” he didn’t know my much about Richt but heard is a heck of a man who won at least 10 games a season”.  I believe the conversations about the “mutual decision” for Richt to depart from the football team will be the coffee pot topic for the foreseeable future.

Do ya’ll remember what it was like in Athens before Mark Richt? Well I will tell you it was downright embarrassing!  The Dawgs went through Goff and Donnan before finally landing the great assistant coach from FSU! Everyone was excited and Richt lived up to the hype!

Also, think about how much college football has changed in the past 10 years alone, then look at the SEC. We’re the best conference but we’re always canceling each other out! Like it or not, college football has become the biggest revenue driver for many institutions. For a coach to be at the same school for 15 seasons this day and age is pretty remarkable!

To the UGA president, athletic director and trustees, please make a wise decision!!!  Being a lifelong Dawg fan I am growing tired of hearing about the 1980 National Championship!! So in my own opinionated way, I have analogized it to what I believe the qualifications need to be in our next President of the U.S. No on the job training please! Let’s get someone that can do the job and be the greatest now!

Thank you Coach Richt! I know you will do great things! I know Dawg fans alike will miss seeing your wife Catherine keeping the players hydrated with water and PowerAde on the sidelines! You both should be commended for: your service above self-mentality, mission work, adoptions, community service and especially because you are true role models in this challenging day an age! Thank you again! Have a blessed week!

John P. Rauls