Silver Dollar

I wonder what happens to all those presidential campaign signs on Whitlock Avenue after an election.  I guess it depends who wins!  The DAWG’s are number 5 in BCS.  Auburn will be very tough this weekend.  We need a little magic “Larry”.

I have always believed building relationships is key to being successful in life. Psychologists tell us babies start relationships from birth to get what they want, like crying to get momma’s attention.  My first experience with building relationships was slightly different.

When I was six years old my grandfather, Reverend Tyler J. Rauls Sr. gave me 30 silver dollars.  I remember being ecstatic that he chose to give them to me.  In fact, I was so happy I decided to take them to my first grade home room class with Mrs. Mills. To her disbelief, I proceeded to hand them out to my close friends.  To my surprise, my name was announced over the intercom to come to Principal Bassett’s office.  Well, I thought he was going to congratulate me (maybe give me the key to the school or buy me dinner in the cafeteria) on proving only children do share.  Then, Principal Bassett made a second announcement on the intercom that if anyone had received something from John Rauls to immediately come to his office.  Bassett went on to explain to me that while being very generous, my parents probably would not appreciate the fact I was giving out solid silver dollars to my friends.   So, I had to start collecting them back. I think I got them all back, but five.  The key here is my friends always remembered me.  I had tried building relationships and that was all that mattered.  So keep trying!  Oh, and an old friend contacted me about 3 months ago and said she still had the silver dollar I had given her 35 years ago.  She had kept it for all these years and had always remembered the day in Mrs. Mill’s class I was generous and handed it to her.  Maybe it was childish but I made some great friends…