Show and Tell

When I was in elementary school, “show and tell” was my favorite part of the week. It usually consisted of me borrowing (wink wink) something out of my parent’s closet to show. I always tried to bring interesting items! Dad always put his wallet, keys and so forth on the kitchen counter when he got home from work and no one occasion I took his pocket knife. It was really cool. Don’t try that today!

Once, in a rush to run 100 yards and catch the bus, I grabbed Dad’s reading glasses. (yes I know).  When Miss Mills called my name for “show and tell” I stood up and said, “These are my dad’s glasses and he uses them for reading and driving.” (Yes driving!) All the kids and even Miss Mills laughed very hard!!. So I accomplished my goal. I was a star! Like Mike Wallace use to say from 60 Minutes “Make an audience”.  Well, I did!  I might have even convinced Mary Anne Smith to give me one of her pictures with that stunt.   About 30 minutes later, Mr. Wally Bassett, the principal paged me to his office. ( A little back ground- my dad only came to my elementary school twice in six years. This was one of them.)  As I was walking down the long hallway I could see a figure pacing back and forth. Yep, it was my dad. He said, “Son, have you seen my glasses because I couldn’t find them. I drove the truck in the ditch at the end of our drive way this morning!”  I explained to him my reasoning of wanting to do a good job with my school work, ( yeah right)  but he was not impressed. I handed over his glasses and he said he would talk with me later.  That evening when I got home, Dad gave me the worst punishment possible!! Ugh!! He made me write a report on why it is bad to take somebody’s glasses. Yes, I know in hindsight that I deserved to write every last word of that report!!!  Then I had to read it out loud to both my parents. However, I must say “show and tell” was a hit that week!!

Enjoy your week!