Sharing is Caring!

Since we were small children in kindergarten most of us learned to share at some point. Even though I am an only child I have never had a problem sharing. I used to give my parents’ things away all the time!! Ha Ha Ha!! Ok, in all seriousness, one of the best books I have ever read was “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulgham. The basics of life all typed out in a small book. There is one of his quotes I strongly adhere to: “Always give a bum a dollar”. A real life account happened to me this weekend.

We all know the drill. Walking thru a parking lot, on a street corner or standing on an off-ramp by the interstate; there are people asking for help. “Can I have 25 cents?”, “Can I have a dollar?”, expressions we  hear and ignore.  Why? Because society gives us a false belief system of, “They don’t need any money because they will use it for booze”. I think the vast majority of the folks in Marietta can afford a dollar!   I was outside Burger King this weekend. A very unclean and unhealthy man said, “ Sir, can I have a dollar for some food”? I said, “I’ll be glad to get buy you some food and bring it to you.” He said, “OK, thank you kind sir”!   I went in and ate and expected he would be gone. Well, quite the contrary. I brought out two big Whoppers, large fries and a Coca-Cola. The man actually gave me a hug and said “God bless you sir!!” I sat in my Tahoe and watched him sit on the ground at the back of the Burger King and I have to say I’ve never seen a Whopper devoured so fast! You see the point. Here at Winnwood we help and donate to many charities. Sometimes helping hundreds of people at a time. Not everyone can do that, but we can help to some degree. Do what you can!  I know times are not the easiest but let’s keep Marietta an All-American City by helping a stranger.  “Always give a bum a dollar”.

God Bless,