Sarah’s Love Story

The Beginning

We all love a good trip down memory lane. Sarah has had a wonderful life. In 1956 she married a gentleman by the name of Anker. Sarah wrote radio scripts for a radio station, and Anker earned his Ph.D. early in their marriage and eventually became a professor at Northeastern University in Boston. They had three wonderful children, Mark, Paul, and Martha.

Over the years Anker developed heart issues and was required to have many procedures, take medications, and ultimately have open heart surgery. Even though he didn’t always feel his best, he kept teaching throughout his illness. During this time Anker was offered a job at the University of Bridgeport, which he accepted and he and Sarah moved to Connecticut. During their time in Connecticut, Sarah worked in PR at a foster care organization. A few more years went by, and Anker was offered a job with Nova at the University of Florida. His role was to visit their campuses all over Florida and determine each locations viability and which campuses would stay open and which would close. However, due to his declining health, Sarah became a chauffeur so that Anker could continue his work. Not long after he completed his report for Nova, Anker passed away.

Sarah and Anker where married for 45 years. Not only did they have three children together, Sarah now has seven grandchildren, who are the love of her life.

Second Chances

After Anker passed away, Sarah moved to Maine to be closer to one of her sons. While living in Maine, Sarah met a gentleman named Arthur. Unfortunately, Arthur had recently lost his wife and was going through the same thing as Sarah. Sarah and Arthur quickly became great friends and were eventually married.

Arthur had daughters who lived in Athens, Georgia. Sarah’s daughter was in Kennesaw, Georgia. So, Sarah and Arthur relocated to Athens, Georgia to be closer to their children. After only five years of marriage, Arthur died suddenly.

Retirement Life

Sarah and Arthur had been discussing and thinking about what type of retirement community they would like to live in, and Winnwood Retirement Community was one of the ones they had considered. After his death, Sarah decided to move into Winnwood. She would be closer to her daughter, and Arthur had loved the TEEM building. She tells us it made moving here a much smoother transition. Sarah, who still resides here, loves her apartment, especially the view. She tells us it’s a quiet, peaceful place where she can escape to read and write.

Love stories aren’t always easy, but they are always beautiful. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your story with us!