Push Point

Life is full of misunderstandings. Take when I was 10 years old, Dad took me into Handy Man Hardware on Watson Blvd. What I saw in the special glass case was magical and euphoric. (Wait, what does that mean? I am only 10! Ok focus John!!) It was a wood stock, lever action, Red Ryder BB Gun with 500 BBs. It was all of $20 dollars and way too much for us. So I set my sights (pun intended) for Christmas, and yes, Santa blessed me with a Red Ryder that year. Ok, so let me paint the picture. Me + Red Ryder+ alone outside= Misunderstanding.

I had shot up every Coke can we owned so I was looking for a new adventure. Our garage was not in very good order. Behind two blinds, that used to be in our TV room, were two windows with twelve panes each. (Yes I know what you are thinking.) Well two panes were already gone from some paranormal alien conspiracy. Did I tell you I sure enjoyed watching “The Outlaw Josie Wales,” with Clint Eastwood?  So to confirm what you were thinking, I proceeded to have a “Hoot’en Annie” with the other ten window panes. Not thinking my parents would notice (Stupid)! I came up with the story that wild dogs had gotten into our garage and by chance I blew every window out so they wouldn’t hurt Miss Kitty the cat.

Dad took me back to the Handy Man hardware, but it was not for fun but a lesson! We bought 12 window panes, a putty knife, a gallon of window glaze and a couple boxes of push points. Let’s just say I learned an important lesson that winter break and became an expert window glazier (I have the card in my wallet). The main wisdom I learned was “Don’t be a knuckle head!”

Have a blessed day.