Proximity to the Rescue!

One great advantage in living near Winnwood is that I am also only about a mile from Kennestone Hospital. ( I can hear y’all now. What happened?) Well, yes, I did run into a small situation late one night last week.

I was opening a package of drill bits with my trusty, just-sharpened-like-a-scalpel knife!! (I know what you are thinking.  And yes I did!) Just as I was slicing thru the hulk-proof packaging, I ran the blade right over my left thumb and hit a vein. (Doc said glad it was a sharp knife!)  I won’t share all the details but let’s just say I needed help!  I tried calling my neighbors; no one answered. I wrapped a dish towel over my hand with duct tape (great stuff) and jumped in the Tahoe wearing my comfy GA slippers. Sorry, Officers. I safely ran all the red lights on the way to Kennestone ER. Jumped out of the Tahoe and threw my keys to a nice employee. Once I entered Kennestone everything was top notch. I showed the nice lady at the desk my hand and she took me right back to a room. I was taken care of like a king. The staff was amazing and very professional. I think the PA that gave me 3 stiches was named Chris. (Thank you, Chris!) I walked out of Kennestone, found my Tahoe where a nice attendant had  parked it for me, and after everything was said and done I was home in one hour. All of us in Marietta should feel fortunate to have a hospital like Kennestone right around the corner. PS: My thumb is healing wonderfully!