Picture Box

It was 1977, I was 6 years old and going to bed early for the next early morning shebang. I was not going to work with dad. I was not going to school. However, I was getting up at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning to watch cartoons! Rabbit ears in position with aluminum foil attached, check! Trophy the Cat on the TV next to the wires so it would not lose reception, (here kitty kitty) check! Sitting close to the TV so I could manually change and tune the 3 channels, check! Fresh pancakes I made myself, (yes it’s true) check! Ok, 7 a.m, blankie in hand and time for the “Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show.” Woo Hoo! (FYI, I loved the Coyotes Acme rockets.) With advances in technology, my how TV’s have changed. Present day and 36 years later, I reminisce. Mr. Watson, a fifteen year resident at Winnwood told me technology is going too fast. I asked him where was the first TV he viewed. His reply was, “a friend’s house in Pelham, Alabama.” He went on to say his family listened to a lot of radio when he was growing up. I can picture it now right out of “The Walton’s.” (A 70’s TV show.) The family gathered around the radio for entertainment. Mr. Watson said he use to listen to a lot of boxing. Dad told me the first color TV he viewed was in a window display at a retail store I think in Savannah… Even when I was a child having a color TV was a big deal! So after 36 years of me witnessing the TV revolution, there is no end in sight. It is 2014 and you just about need an engineering degree from Georgia Tech to understand all the jibber-jabber that comes along with a new TV purchase. I wonder what Andy Rooney would say about the modern age TV. Have a blessed week, John