Not Too Little or Too Big

Thank you Larry for a little Sugar falling from the sky on Saturday. The DAWGS secured the SEC East and will be headed to the championship in Atlanta to meet whatever team limps in. With a little more magic, we can play for the BCS Championship.

Across the world, prayer fills many people’s on a daily basis. People say long, heartfelt, serious prayers and some say small, to-the-point prayers at different times during the day. As kids we are taught to say our prayers before we go to sleep.

While making my weekly food run to the Food Depot on Sunday, I had a very unexpected conversation with the checkout lady, the same nice lady I see every weekend with a nice smile. (You know me, I can’t help myself but talk to people.) She knows me as the “tuna man” because I buy canned tuna for one of my cats with a stomach condition, (another crazy story, really!!). Anyway, she told me an amazing story about her friend with a small child who had a cat with an eye disease. Eventually the disease took its toll on the small furry animal and it was pronounced deceased. The little girl’s preacher happened to be in the area so he stopped by to console her. The checkout lady described the preacher as an extremely, devoted Christian. The shy, little girl grabbed the preacher’s hand and asked if he would say a prayer for her cat. He said “I have never prayed for a cat before, but I will pray for your peace”. He placed his hand on her and she placed her hand on the cat. After a very moving, goose-bump prayer, before they could open their heavy eyes there was a “Meow”. The checkout lady went on to say the cat’s eye disease was healed and spends his days lounging very happily around the girls front porch. Point here is people: Never underestimate the power of prayer.