Moving Tips For Seniors

Whether we are moving a senior loved one into a new home or moving our parents into a retirement community, the process can be challenging. As children of older parents, we want transitions in their lives to go as smoothly as possible. From tending to their health, finances, and logistics, we know it can be a challenge.


Communication and choice are critical when trying to make the transition smoothly when moving your elderly parents. Most seniors are emotionally vested about their home. If they are leaving home for any reason, you can expect some sadness. Talking with your parents, giving them choices about where to move and giving them time to adjust to the change, will make the transition easier.

Before proceeding with your parents, there are a few things families will need to discuss. Things to consider are: How many square feet is the new home? What rooms will need to have furniture? What items to keep or sell? Don’t allow yourself to be a packing robot lacking feelings. Honor the emotional attachment to personal belongings and allow your senior parent to reminisce as you help sort our their possessions. These are memories you’re moving. Be open to emotions, especially if this was your childhood home.

After the packing is complete, there is work still to be done. Families should think about if the home is going to be sold, rented, or passed on to a family member. The house will need to be cleaned, and repairs should be made.

While planning your moving day, think about different strategies. Cost is something to consider. A moving company might be the easiest way, but it could cost a lot more. You can also use a self-service mover, but the family would have to load the truck and the hauler would carry all the precious cargo. Then there is the do it yourself plan, where you can rent a moving truck or van. Moving it all yourself still may not be the cheapest rate.

Winnwood can’t give blanket advice, but we hope this information will help you. Each family has unique challenges, but we are here to help make the transition easier. We love our residents and want to make every moment, including move-in day, non-stressful. Come by and see why our retirement community is so special.