Moving and Retirement

I’ll never forget Mable. She was living in a small apartment, refusing to leave her bed. When I asked her what was wrong, she said, “I don’t want to have to move again.” Fear of change is a common ailment. We may not like where we are, but at least we know what to expect.

But life is all about change. From A Satisfying Retirement:


Life isn’t static though. When you take a snapshot “here is where I am now” view of your life, you reinforce a flawed view of reality. Life is always in motion. Look at the cells in your body. If they ever go into a static state and stop moving, you’re dead. They’re doing different things at different times. Sometimes your body must shut down to fight illness; other times it’s happy to move around and get some exercise. There’s no single right thing for your cells to be doing at all times. Movement and change are integral to life itself.

Even residents who are looking forward to moving into a retirement community can feel a bit anxious. The great news is that once they’re here, they are surrounded by staff and residents that know that they need some time and special attention. New residents at Winnwood are often paired with a “resident liaison” to help, and we take great care into deciding on who the table mates will be. Everyone rallies around the newcomer and before long, they are no longer worrying about moving into Winnwood, but dreading the possibility of moving out one day!

Ah, life. It’s not without challenges, but with some faith and the right team, you’ll often find great challenges bring the greatest reward!