Marietta, Georgia: Loved by Californians

John P Rauls

Please place yourself presently right in Savannah and read with the right dialect in mind to get full article enjoyment!

My title is accurate and it makes perfect sense if you have been following how the movie industry is changing because of incredibly high taxes in California.

First, a small story. I really wish Andy Rooney was here to give some commentary now, but anyhow, one of my current reads, Word for Word from 1984, reminds me of sitting with my dad and imitating Rooney. I try not to be as sarcastic but I still like his style of truths built off humor.

Let me get started. A couple of weeks ago I was in Savannah, Ga on a business trip for Winnwood. One afternoon at dad’s office I noticed some onlookers (tourists) admiring the historic façade of the building. In my original fashion with just a pence of Jim Williams, I opened the office door and said hello to my new friends – a lady and gentlemen that looked to be in their late 20’s. As I approached them, while walking over the bridge to the entrance gate, they seemed truly amazed I was so hospitable. (Look how southern he talks! Let us grab him and take him home with us.) While smiling, I shook their hands, introduced myself and during this discovery phase they told me they were from Los Angeles, California. (Andy I am waiting for wisdom? Got it!) I should take them snipe hunting in the fog later at Bonaventure Cemetery! (Bring your own bag and stick please!! I usually get my limit.) Well back to the matters at hand. I invited them on the bridge to walk over the moat (just old Civil War Cobble stone) {I know just!} to tour the office. They proceeded to take several photos of the true Savannah-style decorated office. On their request, I willingly took several photos of their office visit. There was one especially nice photo with a tugboat in the background going down the Savannah River I took with them on the office balcony. In my grandfather Rauls tradition, I could not help but to joke with them a little while finding out about their visit to Georgiaaa.

I now will tell you Julia and Steven were their names and they had made their way “South” to Georgia via the film industry. Steven was a producer and Julia a writer for a company out of Hollywood. In fact, they are renting a house presently in Marietta and both currently are employed at the Lakewood Productions. We all used to know it as the Lakewood Fairgrounds or Antique Mart (makes me want to cry). On the second weekend of every month the mart displayed building after building of antiques and treasures before the CA production purchased it. Best pinto beans ever!

Furthermore, unless you have not been out of your home or watched the news in the last 10 years, you have to have noticed the movies being filmed on the “Marietta Square”. I think Georgia is currently only behind Texas and Florida, as the most popular location for the film industry. And probably for all the reasons you’re thinking as well. Georgia has lower land costs, taxes, required permits, and greater green spaces etc.. These are just a few of the many reasons why movie companies are moving south. (Prayers to the ladies family who recently lost her life on a train trestle while filming a show in our great state.)

I had a good conversation with my new friends Julia and Steve. They told me Marietta, Savannah and other places in Georgia are amazingly charming and beautiful! So friends give yourselves a pat on the back for your hospitality and when those movie crews come to your house to ask permission to film “MAKE SURE YOU CHARGE ENOUGH”! Have a Blessed Week! John