Kleenex Please!

Well,I know summer is coming on strong because the pollen is making my eyes itch and my nose stuffy. I also know the Winnwood landscaping is fixing to explode with color. The DAWGS are getting ready to play too!! If anyone has any extra tickets let me know.

Andy Thurmond and Mike Waters have been working diligently on the grounds all winter to give you the best show of color in years. When the flowers pop with color, one activity people like to do is to come take pictures of the property. Kimberly, one of our fantastic staff members is actually getting married on the grounds this summer. Good thinking, Kimberly! If you have not discovered our hidden oasis of color at Winnwood, please stop by for a peek.  Laura and Allison, our two outstanding activities directors, will be quick to tour you and they have been known to snatch a few flowers for the dining room or resident events. Good job, ladies!  Just don’t let Andy or Mike catch you! LOL. I believe there are enough flowers on the property to go around. When you are on nine acres in the heart of Marietta, you’d better have a nice looking property. Winnwood has set high standards throughout the local community for its beautiful grounds and continues to impress year after year. Come take a tour or a walk around the property with your kids.

Have a great week!