Is Retirement Living for You?


Retirement Living vs. Living at Home

Years ago, seniors moved into retirement communities because they needed to. They needed the extra help and couldn’t live alone any more. Retirement living has changed! Now seniors understand that good retirement communities should ENHANCE their life, not diminish it in any way. The residents of our Independent Living apartments could live at home, but choose not to for a variety of reasons such as:

      • Socialization – Many seniors find getting together with friends more difficult as they age- friends move away, some people don’t drive, etc. At a retirement community, friends are literally just steps away from your front door. Bridge friends, dinner companions, and walking buddies are always available. Not only are there great opportunities to meet and socialize with new friends, but life at Winnwood affords you the ability to entertain old friends as well. Instead of having to clean your home, weed your garden, and prepare a meal, our staff will take care of everything, so that you can entertain your friends and family, or even a large group in one of our nicely appointed common rooms.
      • Peace of Mind – You may not ever need emergency care, but it’s nice to know that it’s available should you need it. With a 24/7 staff on hand, we have the ability to respond quickly in a dire situation, and either administer aid, or call 911.
      • Health Benefits: There is a case to be made that living with supportive services allows seniors to live more independent lives, longer. No more skipping meals because it’s so difficult to cook for one, no physical issues from straining to move the television closer, no more forgetting to take the correct medicine. With supportive services, you are free to focus on what is most important – friends, family, fun.
      • Affordability – Once you add up the costs of living at home and paying your own utilities, auto insurance, transportation expenses, home maintenance and property taxes, mortgage, etc. and compare it to our “all included” plan, we feel sure you’ll see the value in living at a retirement community like Winnwood Retirement.

Moving into a new home after years in one place can be daunting, but our staff will be there to help with the transition. We believe that within a matter of days, you’ll be happily hanging the “Home Sweet Home” sign on your front door.