In Rememberance of Boston

Well, it would not fit my personality type to not comment on the horrific terrorist attack in Boston last week. I have several friends that were at the marathon but were not harmed. I pray for all the people touched by this cowardly act.

I am sure it troubles most Americans when terrorism strikes our wonderful country. I don’t know about you, but questions pop in my head like, How safe is Marietta? How safe is Georgia?   History is starting to show that we all need to be prepared and temper our actions with wisdom.

I was talking to my good friend and lifelong Marietta resident, Johnny Walker, over the weekend about the terrorism in Boston. We both agreed Marietta is a wonderful place to live and are willing to help out our fellow citizens of Boston. Johnny mentioned we should set up a marathon relief fund to help the families and first responders in Boston. I told him, “What a great and thoughtful idea!  Winnwood could be the drop off location.”  As our conversation grew it was hard for us to hold back our emotions.

Johnny and I both agreed everything that can be done, should be done to keep Marietta safe and prepared. Police, firefighters and all EMS should be well-trained and prepared throughout Georgia. In my opinion, Washington needs to stop playing partisan politics and do a better job of screening people coming in and out of the United States. The wisdom to be learned here is that nothing is perfect. If people have bad intentions it is hard to stop them. Let’s all keep our eyes open to our surroundings and try to stay just a little safer.

Have a great week!


To find out more about helping the folks in Boston, email