I Took a Knifing and Kept on Writing Jack!

I should have listened to my grandmother, Irene Julia (Powell) Rauls, when she shared stories of the dangers of sand bars in Georgia’s open waters. My encounter with the quartz monsters happened off the coast of Tybee Island Georgia about 20 years ago. My friend Buster Wallace and I had been riding our stand up jet skis in the lakes around Georgia for about a year, and were getting bored. (During that time, I think we ate at every Barbeque joint in Georgia. I am going with Fincher’s in Macon or Old Clinton’s in Gray. Oops…Dang focus John! I am hungry now. Light the smoker.) Ok…well back to reality! We watched several VHS tapes (yes I said that) with hotshots on jet skis doing tricks and decided, hey we can do those tricks.  Let me remind you these were the original Stand Up jet skis that actually took some talent to ride. Not those fat water buffaloes everyone pulls around behind their fancy truck, to finally end up for sale in the front yard on a rusty trailer. The originals had some girth and took some training to ride. (We were our own masters! LOL!) We thought so right? Ok Back to the video watching. So the trained professionals (Us) decided we needed to hit the waves on the coast. Buster and I picked a day and called dad. Dad lives in Savannah so everything was perfect.

When my ski hit the ocean for the first time it was like a religious experience (Sorry Sam Storey). Once you hit those 3 foot waves your ski goes at least 6 to 10 feet in the air. I thought I was a Bald Eagle soaring thru the Continental Divide.

Remember my grandmother’s advice, well Tybee’s tides change by 9 feet in a day’s time. Pretty darn drastic I thought. I was the proud recipient of a crash course from Grandmother Rauls’ wisdom. Well I saw a big wave coming, Buster gave me the thumbs up and I soared 8 feet like a flying squirrel in Mississippi only to land right on a sand bar that I had no idea was fixing to change my life. It was covered in 3 inches of water, which I promise was much deeper hours earlier. Well when I collided with it I felt my back pop from the blunt force trauma of the landing and thought oh %$&*. Well twenty years later this retired jet ski professional (LOL) is finally getting an overdue back surgery. By the time you read this article, hopefully under God’s good graces, I will be recovering in Cobb General. The lesson here friends is to listen to your grandma and buy a tide schedule if you are going out on the ocean. It will save you a lot of money!!

God Bless and as of always I am happy to share my stories with you!