I Say, I Say!

Well, it seems like a win for the good guys this time and I’m not talking about the Presidential election! Instead of “Rock the Vote” for MTV, it should be “Rock the Chicken”. I try to stay impartial because I represent Winnwood  but I would like to mention a couple of interesting points in honor of Foghorn Leg Horn, one of my personal heroes. I Say!

The Chicken Man and many loyal supporters (LT) got a pro-chicken amendment passed by the Cobb Board of Commissioners.  Now anyone in Cobb County with less than 2 acres can apply to have a few chickens. I think that’s fair. It seems the City of Marietta voted the measure down at their meeting. So what does that mean?? We will have to see what the future holds.  No matter which side of the FENCE (no pun intended) you are on, you have to admit it would be funny to see someone chase a few chickens (running, flying, jogging , skipping) down Whitlock Ave. Lol.  I have enjoyed the passion that people have put into this fight. It was finally something  and interesting to follow. That shows me just how boring normal political issues have become. Never the less, the chicken story was fun, passionate and refreshing.  Give the power to the people and hold them accountable for taking care of their coop. The trend around Cobb seems to be in favor of the chicken.

Who knows where this will lead? Winnwood may have an activity one day that involves raising chickens. I do know a lot of our residents have raised chickens and have asked me about Winnwood having them. I personally could see it either way but I will have to seek legal advice now! Lol. Have a great week! John