I will go out on a limb and say that one of our residents’ favorite places for lunch is Gabriel’s Desserts. I also have been known to indulge there myself a couple of times a week.  Johnnie Gabriel, the owner (Cake Lady of Marietta), is a personal delight! During lunch, Mrs. Gabriel moves gracefully from one person to the next, attending to everyone individually. She loves to talk about her twists on famous vittles from her kitchen to her  award-winning cakes. In fact, Johnnie is known for surprising Mariettian’s with new recipes time after time! She has several published cookbooks to prove it. Johnnie just forces (LOL) the patrons to look at all her delicious edibles lined in the glass cases as you check out!! The colorful and creamy desserts are not only pleasing to the eye, but to the tummy as well!

The tea tables in Gabriel’s have five stainless dispensers and a lone plastic dispenser which holds not tea, but one of the best kept secrets in Cobb County, Ga.  At first look, it is a reddish color liquid that reads “Strawberry Lemon-aide”? Hmmmm. It just so happens, that it is absolutely amazing! Folks that have tried it swear by it and are instantly a fan! Straight up, mixed, shaken or stirred (virgin), once it is savored the color becomes perfect and the taste is consistent with Johnnie’s great reputation.

AT THIS MOMENT I WOULD LIKE TO DECLARE HER TASTY TREAT “GABRIEL-AIDE”!! When this spring hits Marietta, it will sweep across the State and Nation! My bet is before long Gabriel-aide will be in every grocery store! All this talk of Johnnie’s Gabriel-aide has given me a serious craving!  Ok, I know where I am headed for lunch!! How about you? Trust me on this one! If you have had it, you know what I am saying is true! To first timers, remember when you visit Gabriel’s Desserts to buy a cake, a tasty treat or lunch, also try her delectable strawberry drink next to the tea! Thank you, Johnnie for letting me write this article about your wonderful restaurant.

God Bless…John