Five Gallon Bucket

Well, I know most of you have heard of a “bucket list.” For those that have not let me explain; you walk all over the Grand Canyon one weekend on your 50th birthday and fill a bucket up with as much dirt as you can! Ok! You know I am kidding, right?? All jokes aside, it is a coined phrase used as a metaphor to describe things that a person would like to do or accomplish during their lifetime.

I encourage everyone to have a bucket list. At Winnwood, we had a lady jump out of an airplane in her 80’s and ride in an Indy car. Probably time, responsibilities and money keep most of us from attaining bucket list items. I say try a little harder to grab these dreams. From listening to all my friends at Winnwood, I have learned to not hold back. Go for it!! Remember, you have one life to live so take care of your family, yourself and occasionally put a notch in that bucket list.

Have a great week,