Fish Story


Many of us have a “fish story”! As the majority of you know, I am not actually talking about catching fish. Well, maybe just a little bit. There’s a surprise at the end of this article Ha Ha! Ok, the phrase “Fish story” (FS) is a vocabulary idiom many employ when telling a story. In my opinion, the idiom (FS) could be described as someone expressing more than just a little bit of the actual truth of an occurrence (exaggerate).  I would say it’s a sociologically verbal, and I might add a subconscious, way of drawing listeners’ attention to one’s own experience by having the bigger and better story.

In my opinion “fish stories” are the merging together of fact and fiction. In other words, the once 6 inch fish your four year old daughter recently caught turns out to be a 12 pound bass when you’re talking to your buddies at the golf club because, well it just makes for a better story.  As humans we love stories and we like outlandish odds. In the 1800’s real fishermen married the two together. Fish stories deliver on both ends! On many occasions “Fish stories” are well told tales from personal experiences and/or obtained from others’ accounts.

I really enjoy a good “fish story” and it is my opinion they are at their fullest effectiveness when they are shared in person; preferably around a campfire with s’mores. A great “fish story” sharer is a one person show and the equivalent to a really good three minute production at the Fox Theater. The following is a real fish story about a real fish I never caught.

I think it was the year Bill Clinton was elected president. Don’t ask me how I know that or why??LOL. I was in Macon fishing with a buddy (BW) off of my grandfather’s dock on Lake Tobesofkee. With my rod/reel in hand I had cast probably 20 times in the same direction. Nothing seemed to be biting that cool day. Surprisingly and ironically, BW had never fished a day in his life.  I asked him if he wanted to cast one time? He said,”sure”. Hesitantly, BW grabbed the rod/reel and cast it in the same direction I had been aiming.. BAAM!!! The Rod bent down!! He could hardly hold on! BW reeled it in!  My friends, he caught a 6 pound bass on his first cast in the first 30 seconds of fishing in his entire life. Folks to this day I have not caught a six pound bass! LOL. Like I said, Ironic!  It’s pretty awesome for him and a nice memory but BW still reminds me about that fish from time to time some 20 years later. This is not a “fish story” but it is one heck of a fishing story we both will never forget. God Bless!