First Responders of Winnwood

Friends often ask me how I pick my writing material each week.  The subject usually pops in my head the day before or the day of it being due (sorry Katlyn).  A common thread that you, the reader, can deduce about me is that I truly believe Winnwood is amazing and has an amazing staff/family.

It is a huge responsibility when you have over two hundred grandparents with you every day. Just to give you some perspective, a resident can quickly go from laughing to needing more personal attention.  Thinking fast and being smart can make all the difference. I cannot say we are perfect but I have seen some pretty amazing feats of bravery by staff over the years.

I have teetered on this one for two weeks folks.  Furthermore, I still am! You may see something special next week.  Most of the staff at Winnwood are what I call silent heroes. They go about their day flying under the radar with a smile and always ready no matter what circumstances may arise. They do not like being singled out for their work, to them it is not work but their calling. It is not always about the money either. Many of our staff members are here from an inner calling only they can know.

All over Marietta last week, the extreme cold weather pushed everything to the maximum.  Winnwood weathered the storm and came out shining bright. Hardships have a way of making people rise up and work together. I remember 9/11 like yesterday and how our country was ONE!  Relationships of all kinds thrive in difficult circumstances. There are truths and metaphors of this all thru history and religion. Why does it take extremes to make people close? Does it give us perspective again? I will have to deliberate on this one and yes this will be part of next week’s article. It is important to understand for the purposes of where the story is headed.

Our staff/family at Winnwood are the first responders and the last responders to everything that happens on the property. The EMS are somewhere in the middle and are the best in Georgia!! When adversity strikes, there is no time for not giving 150 percent. No matter what the situation may be, keep trying and always-always keep thinking. Somebody taught me that and I will never forget it!! Tune in next week for a surprise like no other!!

Have a great week!