First Responders of Winnwood. VIN # COLD

Picking up from last week’s column, I was elaborating on the silent heroes of Winnwood Retirement. These everyday heroes do not search out fame or notoriety. They prefer to go about their day in a positive, hospitality-focused manner. I was informed by a reliable source that many of the staff at Winnwood give their services for personal reasons. Do not be confused, my friends, when I say “personal reasons!” One trait that is common among all Winnwood employees is their desire to go above and beyond the normal levels of service at other communities. Beginning today, I will do a short write-up of a Winnwood staff member that deserves recognition. I will highlight a hero every 3 months.

Two weeks ago, a great deal of the United States was blanketed by an arctic blast like no other. On a Tuesday morning, the folks of Marietta awoke to a 4 degree temperature – I believe one of the coldest on record!

Winnwood’s maintenance staff is the best I have ever worked with…period! They prepared the property and buildings for the freeze of the century amazingly well, but the element of surprise always gets us!! Right!! What happened? A heating motor froze, and even with a  1 in 100,000 chance, it began to overheat. What ensued was quick thinking, wit and speed by one of the best. Let’s call this employee involved, VIN # 1, for privacy reasons.

Our maintenance supervisor came to me and said VIN #1 needs to be recognized, because he had the hands of a surgeon and swiftly removed an electrical cover safely to shut down a malfunctioning HVAC engine. Let me remind you, NO such request has ever been made. Our assistant director said VIN #1 was speedy and fearless as well. I imagine the residents are probably not entirely aware exactly what happen on that day. They know they were well taken care of on that extreme cold day in 2014! The residents, I am sure, had no doubts about their well-being because of marvelous feats of bravery our employees, like Vinny (oops), show every day. These are their everyday heroes!!! Great job my brother!!! Great job to the Winnwood family during that cold snap!!!!

God Bless!