Familiar between Your Toes

This past weekend I was in Savannah visiting my dad and sister.  It has to be one of my most favorite cities in America. There is nothing like driving under the towering live oaks on Victory Drive as you head into the sun toward Tybee Island.  Savannah is all about quaint southern charm rolled into a sphere of elegance.

Over the past few years I have listened to much wisdom and many beach stories from the residents at Winnwood Retirement.  I consider it special every time I get to step foot on a beach, especially after talking with the residents.  Eighty years ago, beach trips were rare because people were always working just to eat. I guess things have changed for the better in that regard.

OK, focus John!!  I would say Tybee Island, Georgia ranks right up there with the heavy hitters of Destin, Daytona and the Caribbean. I have been going to Tybee for 35 years. I love that it has not changed drastically. Besides some overdue remodeling, the only real change that I saw was a new Subway sandwich shop on the main drag.  The same Chu’s Department Store is still right downtown. with the same fortune teller game that I remember from when I was seven. It is comforting to see things that give us that nostalgic feeling.

Who doesn’t love the feel of sand between their toes?? If you don’t, then you must be un-American, LOL. I believe beach time should be in the Bill of Rights. Maybe this is something congress could actually pass??  “MR SPEAKER!! Every American shall have the right to feel sand between their toes. All in favor say pina colada!” Bill passed!!   Of course there would be some whack job environmentalist that would be mad because a precious sand flea’s living arrangement was being disturbed.You know I am right!!

So I think the residents at Winnwood should plan a Tybee beach trip. We have a sweet 36 passenger bus and a bunch of really active residents. ”Charles grab the beach chairs!!” Remember, next time you step on the beach think about how good the sand feels between your toes. Be thankful for it and glad you live in such a wonderful country. Happy Memorial Day. Thank a Veteran!

Have a great week!