Every Year Is a Guess!

So I went to the local hardware store this weekend and asked the young man at the entrance where the leaf rakes were. He looked confused; he said he had never heard of a company called “Leaf Rake!” Really!  Oh boy, where is the back of the barn? After an explanation by yours truly, he laughed and said his dad used a blower for that sir! (I hate that! Again, proving my point about parents not teaching their kids about basic outdoor chores.) I am not the wisest lion in the den, but I can tell you I spent many a day raking leaves till my hands hurt. I am positive that a lot of you know exactly what I am talking about!

Watch out people, this is the year of the leaf! Really…I made the calendar and everything! LOL! Figure this – all the rain has given the trees huge canopies of leaves, and they are going to come down at some point. Limbs have been breaking all over Marietta because they simply cannot hold the weight.

What about the vibrant colors? We’ll see! It could be a breathtaking year or Dad may be lost in the yard before the game starts. Anyhow, you better go buy stock in the leaf blower industry because it seems the rakes are on strike.

Have a blessed week!