ELM is More Than A Tree


I believe as we age most of us have the capacity to flex the ole brain pan, (AKA learning something new) and/or polish up on some long desired interests!  The ability to learn new hobbies, skills and crafts lasts a lifetime. (Yes, I know there are some exceptions) Remember grade school? There were plenty of opportunities thrown at many of us while we were growing up. I guess the theory was to bombard a youngster with enough positive activities and eventually one or two would stick. (Just hopefully it wasn’t jail time. LOL) One grand example of the system really making an effort with me was when Ms. Henley, my 5th grade teacher, tried to get me to play that “black recorder musical thingy,” and boy, did she try! LOL. I was having no part of it! I liked rock collecting and playing with my bulldog, Spike! Nothing against musical instruments, but that recorder could still be laying on the side of Hwy 41 in Centerville, Ga where I threw it out the bus window in 1980 (LOL). My father and sister are very musically inclined but mom and I aren’t! I guess that’s the way the proverbial ball bounces!

I want to let you in on a little secret about our neighbors at the Marietta First United Methodist Church (FUMC). On scheduled Tuesdays throughout the year, the FUMC is transformed into the Marietta University! “The Enrichment of Life Movement” (ELM), is a non-profit, non-denominational learning organization. During an active session there as many as 60 classes can that can be chosen from in one day! The classes are for people over 50 and on every kind of topic you could imagine! I have seen them on Shakespeare, finger painting, stained glass and yes, even beginner saxophone (WOO-HOO)! On average, 350 to 450 individuals are signed up at a given time to learn something new, or to finally enjoy an activity because “you” choose to finally enjoy it! Amen!

My friends’, remember that in life there is no age limit on learning. You will not get a ticket from the PC police if you learn too much! My parents instilled the wisdom in me to know that when the mind is educated, it is the one thing in life that no one can ever take away from you!

May I suggest that you might consider checking into the ELM program at the Marietta FUMC?  In addition, you may have a family member, friend or neighbor that would appreciate an ELM brochure.

ELM is very impressive and it is one more positive thing about our “All American City of Marietta, Ga.”  I can almost guarantee you that if you will just try it, you will love it! I hear they’re even talking about offering speed datingJ. Maybe one day!  In conclusion, a word to the person that coined the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick,” was probably a party pooper, didn’t even like dogs and obviously never owned a cat because they are way more stubborn. LOL! God Bless and live the life you love! Jprauls@winnwoodretire.com