Easy Snow, Easy Go! Bringing Out the Inner Child

I guess if it snowed 30 inches in May of 1973, there is a possibility it can happen today. The winter of 2014 has certainly been frigid enough. All winter, record-breaking arctic cold blasts have been crossing over the US! Our cold weather would make an igloo sound appealing to a polar bear or penguin! On a little side note, if this winter doesn’t kill off the bugs and especially my nemesis, the official city bird of Marietta, the one, the only pesky mosquito, then that theory we have been hearing our entire lives about them dying off in cold weather is bogus and becomes an urban legend!

I was speaking to several of the ladies at the Winnwood’s ladies’ breakfast today and they sounded excited about seeing a little snow. Our two activity/event directors were also excited about the chance of snow. Snow angels anyone?? How about snow cream?? I think many of us have good childhood memories of that frozen white stuff that comes from the sky. Think about it. It is the one extreme weather event that makes many of us happy!

I am convinced that the nostalgia of snow, especially if you are from the south, brings out the kid in us. Reason being, most of us have not seen much of it!  Also, if you are from the north it brings out your inner kid as well, it just gets old faster to you. So let the snow come and let the snow go all in one day! Marietta is in the great state of Georgia, which statistically sees all 4 seasons pretty regularly. Marietta is a great city in a great state. I just don’t like those birds with stingers! LOL.

If it snows some, have fun, enjoy your kids and for gosh sakes find something from your garage or kitchen to slide around on a little. Have fun!!! Just please be careful and don’t drive if you don’t have to! I bet there is a stampede at the grocery store right now. What do you think people do with all that bread and milk anyway? Oh well, I will find a cow if I have to!

God Bless,