Day In The Life Of The Winnwood Chauffeur

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a limousine? As a small child, I would look out the car window and stare whenever I saw one. When a limo would drive past us on the road, I would visualize myself inside, and wonder if someone famous was aboard.   At Winnwood Retirement Community our chauffeurs treat our residents as if they are someone famous. Let me tell you how.

The Day Begins (8:30 am)

Elizabeth, one of our chauffeurs,  comes in early in the morning and picks up the schedule of residents who have requested transportation. Once she has looked over the schedule for the day, it’s time to get the car ready. She washes the car, inside and out, just like she did yesterday and the day before.  Next, she makes sure the limo is filled with gas and programs her GPS.  Now it’s time to pick up the residents and get them to where they need to be.

Picking up Residents  (9:00 am)

Picking up the residents is very important. The residents come down and wait in the lobby. Elizabeth leads each person to the car.  She then makes sure they have all of their belongings and gets them inside the car safely. Elizabeth is sure to ask the residents if they need anything before she leaves the property.   She double-checks the routes in GPS and then makes her stops in the right order to ensure everyone gets where they need to be on time. Whether they are going to the doctor’s office, swimming at the gym, yoga class, or even to work, Elizabeth is ready to make it happen.

Making the Rounds  (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

Once Elizabeth has dropped each resident off to the proper place, she then looks at the schedule to see when each person needs to be collected.  Sometimes the last person dropped off will be the 1st one that will need to be picked up.  Then it’s back and forth, all around Marietta, making sure everyone gets home safe and sound.

End of Day (5:30)

Now that everyone is back home,  Elizabeth looks over her schedule.  She initials the form stating everyone she has taken out for the day is back at Winnwood.  Elizabeth then cleans out the car to make sure no one has left any belongings behind.  If they have, she will verify that the item is back with its rightful owner, then returns the limo to its parking spot.

As you can see being a chauffeur is an essential responsibility to  Winnwood Retirement Community. From the beginning of the day to the picking up and dropping off of the residents, every minute is about taking care of our residents.   We believe in first class service and resort-style living. Come by and take a ride in our limo for yourself!