Dad Was Right!!!

As a child, I often wondered why my father would take me to Middle Georgia to dig up various trees, plants and flowers. “Saturday morning, John!! Time to get up!” I knew it was the beginning of another weekend adventure.  “Get your Dingo’s on son (aka. cowboy boots) because we might run into a copperhead today.” Awesome. Long pants and sleeves were a requirement because of my previous Poison Ivy encounters. Pocket knife and leather gloves? Check!  We gathered shovels, posthole diggers and buckets and loaded them into our yellow Mercury sedan, a long car that looked like a boat. No pickup truck for us, that wouldn’t be challenging. Dad could drive that Mercury through the woods like a Range Rover!

Dad usually scouted out a good location during the week for digging up plants.  I actually enjoyed it because I was a boy, in the woods and it was messy LOL! My father taught me just about everything there is to know about gardening. I think I was a Master Gardener by the time I was ten years old. Ha Ha.  One thing he taught me is that you have to dig up a big enough root ball to have a successful transplant. We would dig, dig, dig and then drag the plant to the Mercury on a tarp, the root ball tightly wrapped in burlap and lifted into the huge trunk. Dad had so much dirt in that yellow Mercury, I think he invented the first low rider!! Trunk tied down, trees hanging out the windows and we were rolling!! So, you might ask, why?

Dad has always had an unbridled love of beautiful landscaping.  We planted every type of vegetation imaginable at our house. GREAT LANDSCAPING MAKES A PROPERTY LOOK TEN TIMES BETTER was Dad’s motto and I always try to follow his landscaping philosophy. Presently, we work together on Winnwood’s landscaping. He is still in charge and sets me straight from time to time. On a day-to-day basis, Andy Thurmond and Mike Waters are the main landscapers at Winnwood. They do an amazing job with maintaining the beautiful grounds. Presently they are busy getting a few surprises ready for spring. A shout out to my friend, Jerry Conner, who planned and created a lot of the present landscape designs. Jerry gave 15 years of dedicated service to the residents and grounds at Winnwood.  You have an open invitation to come by and take a tour of our award winning landscaping!  Never as a child would I had imagined landscaping was so important. So Dad, you were right!!!!

Your son,